Lilama 45-1 manufactures 500 tons of equipment of boiler shells for thermal power plants to export to Middle East

30/01/2013 08:15

From the early days of 2013, LILAMA 45.1, member company of LILAMA Corporation has started to manufacture 500 tons of equipment of boiler shells for thermal power plants so as to export to the Middle East. This resulted from the work of searching jobs to ensure stable incomes for the labourers of the Company's leaders during this difficult period.

      In early 2013, LILAMA 45.1 has signed a contract with Qua Tron Steel Company to manufacture approximately 500 tons of boiler shell equipment for thermal power plants. It consists of 06 outlet Ducks and heat-conducting cudge pipelines to be manufactured in LILAMA 45.1's mechanical factory with severe technical process and high accuracy in accordance with the ASME Standards (USA). The validity period of Contract is from 29/11/2012 to 31/01/2013. Up to now, the above mentioned equipment has been almost finished. The company is now assembling them and finally handing them over to export to Middle East. Thus, LILAMA 45.1's mechanical factory is more and more developing and asserts their trade-mark in the field of equipment manufacture, not only serving industrial projects inside the country but exporting to foreign countries as well.

Heat-conducting cudge pipelines of boiler manufactured by LILAMA 45.1

Lilama 45.1's welders is welding boiler shells for thermal power plants

                                                                                                    News and photo: VIET BINH