Summarizing emulation movement of year 2016 in Nghi Son oil refinery project

01/12/2016 14:49

In celebration of the 56th anniversary of Vietnam Machinery Installation branch's foundation (1/12/1960 - 1/12/2016), on 30/11, Corporate Steering Committee for Emulation and Lilama Project Management Board organized the ceremony of summarizing emulation movement in 2016 in the construction site of Nghi Son oil Refinery Plant so as to evaluate achieved results, commend and reward excellent collectives as well as individuals.

     People participating in the ceremony were Chairman of Vietnam Construction Trade Union (VCTU) - Ms Nguyen Thi Thuy Le; Vice Chairman of VCTU - Mr Do Van Quang; Lilama Party Committee Secretary and Management Board - Mr Nguyen Dinh Hai; Mr Ha Quang Luong - Lilama Trade Union Chairman; Mr Tran Dinh Dai - Deputy General Director cum Director of Lilama Project Management Board in Nghi Son oil refinery plant together with other leaders of Lilama's 14 subsidiary companies and the whole staffs working in the project.

     Nghi Son Oil Refinery Plant has capacity of 10 million tons per year (200 thousand tanks per day) will be accomplished in 2017. When being put into use, the plant will satisfy 70% of demand of petrol & oil for the entire country. This is a great project requiring very high quality, high technique and labour safety.

     The emulation of year 2016 has been launched since 04/01/2016 with such participants as: Lilama Project Management Board and the 14 subsidiaries working in the project (Lilama 3, Lilama 5, Lilama 7, Lilama 10, Lilama 18, Lilama 69-1, Lilama 69-2, Lilama 69-3, Lilama 45-1, Lilama 45-3, Lilama 45-4, Lisemco, Lilama EMC, Lilama EME-TC). Having many difficulties but with long-term experience and firm spirit of Lilama labour force, all the work volume of year 2016 has been finished including: steel structure installation: 36,551/36,667 tons (achieving 99%); equipment installation: 40,125/40,657 tons (reaching 99%); piping manufacture: 1,436,364/1,436,364 ID (100%); piping installation: 1,030,982/1,033,294 ID (99%); tank installation: 27,252 tons (completing 16/16 and achieving 100%).

Ms Nguyen Thi Thuy Le - Chairman of Vietnam Construction Trade Union

   Speeking at the ceremony, Ms Nguyen Thi Thuy Le commended and congratulated the achieved results in 2016 of Lilama labour collective working in the project site. She also shared the joy and encouraged them to continue their efforts, promote their tradition of solidarity and support eachother to accomplish the project soon, especially in this last stage.

 Leaders of Vietnam Construction Trade Union and Lilama Corporation gave Certificates of Merit to 24 excellent individuals

      At the ceremony, Vietnam Construction Trade Union and Corporate leaders presented 24 Certificates of Merit of VCTU to 24 excellent individuals in the emulation movement in Nghi Son Oil Refinery Project. Besides, Lilama Corporation and member companies rewarded the Project Management Board and 14 units who had finished their duties excellently a sum of 1.855 billion dongs. In addition, many subsidiary companies had given awards to their staffs according to schedule milestones such as Lilama 18: 1.5 billion dongs; Lilama 69-1: 1.375 billion dongs... Main Contractor JGCS extracted nearly USD 500 thousand to give all Lilama staffs to encourage them during the project performance.

Mr Ha Quang Luong, Chairman of Lilama Trade Union made a speech at the ceremony

     On behalf of Lilama leaders, Mr Ha Quang Luong, Corporate Trade Union Chairman commended the achieved results of the collective of cadres, engineers and other labourers who had overcome hardships and challenges in the project site to complete their duties excellently. He encouraged and appealed to their efforts to accomplish the project as per defined schedule with high quality and absolute safety.

     On behalf of Lilama staffs working in the project, Mr Tran Dinh Dai, Vice General Director cum Director of Lilama Project Management Board thanked Construction Ministry, Vietnam Construction Trade Union, Lilama leaders and Trade Union for their care and guidance in all activities. He also committed himself to command all participating units to perform and finish the project as per defined schedule with the highest safety and quality.

     Thus, this emulation movement in the construction site of Nghi Son Oil Refinery Plant has ended successfully. It created an exciting atmosphere in the project site and it also encouraged labourers to work harder and more effectively with the determination to take the project to target ahead of schedule.

Some photos at the ceremony:

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