Lai Chau hydro power plant finishes soon

15/12/2016 08:20

On the coming 20th of December, Lai Chau Hydro Power Plant will be inaugurated officially – a year ahead of defined schedule. As calculated, with total investment of approximately 35 thousand billion dongs, the project has been finished a year ahead of schedule, which will supply about 4.7 billion more kWh for the national power grid, bringing about a benefit of 7,000 billion dongs to our country. In this success, there is a considerable contribution of all labourers from LILAMA 10 – the company responsible for manufacturing and installing the whole equipment and hydro mechanics of the plant.

     Previously, on 9/11/2016, machine unit 3 - the last one of Lai Chau hydro power plant generated electricity officially, merging into the national power grid. Together with the power generation of machine unit 1 on 14/2/2015 and machine unit 2 on 20/6/2016, the plant brings more clean energy to supplement the demand of electricity in our country on time.

Lilama 10's staffs in Lai Chau hydro power project

     Engineer Nguyen The Trinh, Deputy General Director of LILAMA 10, who manages the performance of hydro power projects in the Northwest area recalled: As designed, Lai Chau hydro power plant was installed with 37 thousand tons of equipment among with 35 thousand tons was installed by LILAMA 10. In rushtimes, there were approximately 1,200 labourers including 100 cadres & engineers of LILAMA 10 present at the project site. The performance area was narrow, the terrain was full of obstacles with high mountains, and sometimes the designs were so low, but with good organization, LILAMA 10 assured and surpassed defined schedule.

     To achieve this result, many technical initiatives were deployed by LILAMA 10 such as: improvement of method for installing rotating cushion of arc valves in comparison with Son La hydro power plant. This initiative helped saving more than 10 billion dongs for Owner, reducing 3 months for the general performance schedule in item of water surface spillway, assuring the schedule of closing water inlet sluice, accumulating water for storage lake on 20/6/2015...

     Appraising success of the project, Mr Pham Hong Phuong – Director of Lai Chau Project Management Board affirmed “LILAMA 10's workforce has performed this project professionally with high discipline. Detailed schedule milestones for months, years were all well finished and surpassed by them. They have made their best effort in working. This is a very important factor to contribute to general success of the project. So, machine unit 1 was completed 3.5 months a head of schedule, machine unit 2 was finished 10 days sooner than schedule, and machine unit 3 was accomplished before 20 days. The entire project comes to destination 1 year ahead of defined schedule”.

     “We can affirm that the quality of installing equipment for the plant performed by LILAMA 10 has satisfied all requirements and the project operates safely. Besides, we have a very good relationships among parties participating in the project”, said Mr Phuong.

     The success of Lai Chau hydro power plant once again shows the No.1 position of LILAMA 10 in field of hydro power in Vietnam.  As for LILAMA 10's workers, this was not the first large-scaled projects installed by them. Mr Dang Van Long, LILAMA 10 JSC General Director let us know that previously, the participation in installing successfully Son La hydro power project - the biggest one in Southest Asia has created a valuable base of experience for LILAMA 10 to perform this project. After Lai Chau hydro power plant, with available experience, LILAMA 10 will exploit the hydro power markets in some countries in the same area, and also develop another strong point of the company - that is mechanical manufacture and export.

Lai Chau hydro power plant was commenced the construction on 5/1/2011 with size of 3 machine units having total designed capacity of 1,200 MW. When being put into operation, it will provide the national power grid with 4.7 billion kWh per year. It is one of the 4 hydro power projects on Da River and also the last one in the scheme for this river.

Van Anh, Viet Cuong