Lilama 18 handed over Thang Long - Dong Do Compact Manifold Skids

30/03/2013 14:09

On March, 17th 2013, Lilama 18 has successfully installed and handed over 02 groups of Compact Manifold Skids of Thang Long - Dong Do oil platform project to the Owner - Lam Son JOC. 


   The Thang Long Compact Manifold Skid weighs 69.6 tons and the Dong Do, 49.5 tons. Each skid consists of technological pipeline system, valves and automatic electric control system. Gas and oil after exploitation will be laid into the refinery system of the platform by these groups of equipment, then led to shore.

   These are high-tech oil equipment that LILAMA had to import from foreign countries in the past. But the successful installation of the 02 groups of equipment once again shows that LILAMA 18 has much experience in manufacturing professional equipment for oil-gas field.

   The project has been performed by LILAMA 18 safely, in time and with high quailty and it has been taken over & highly appreciated by the Owner.

News: Mai Phuong, Photo: Trung Kien