Energize the 220kV switchyard of the Project on 500kV, 220kV switchyards Long Phu Power Center

22/08/2019 08:10

On Friday afternoon of August 16th 2019, the 220kV switchyard of the 500kV, 220kV switchyards Long Phu Power Center Project was energized successfully by Lilama EPC Contractor in coordination with South Projects Management Board, Power Transmission Company No.4, Southwest Power Transmission Company and Long Phu 1 Project Management Board in Soc Trang province.

This is an EPC project on “engineering, procurement, construction, production preparing, training staff for operating the 500kV, 220kV switchyards of Long Phu Power Center (not including such items as Communication Transformer, Ground filling and Station barricade)” with the total value of nearly 500 billion VND performed by LILAMA as the EPC contractor.

The project which was inaugurated in June 2016 in Thach Duc ward, Long Duc commune, Long Phu district, Soc Trang province has been invested and constructed to serve power transmission into the National Electricity network at 500kV and 220kV voltage level from the 03 power plants including Long Phu 1 Power Plant (2x600MW), Long Phu 2 Power Plant (2x1000MW) and Long Phu 3 Power Plant (2x1000MW) and to enhance the reliability and flexibility in power operation of Long Phu Power Center.

Long Phu Power Center 500kV, 220kV switchyards shall link Long Phu 1 Power Plant up with its step-up transformer and bar-type transformer via the 500kV, 220kV transmission lines, and connect to the power transmission network via Long Phu – O Mon 500kV, Long Phu – Soc Trang 220kV and Long Phu-Can Tho 220kV lines. The successful energization of the 220kV switchyard shall make the power supplying available for the commissioning step of Long Phu 1 Power Plant.

With LILAMA’s worldly-wise experience in constructing EPC projects on up-to-500kV power station and LILAMA EPC contractor and subcontractors’ constant efforts after one year executing under pressure and urgency, the 500kV 220kV switchyards of Long Phu Power Center Project has been fully completed and available to be put into operation on schedule. This success has strongly affirmed LILAMA’s prestige and capability in performing largely major EPC projects not only on power plants but also power stations at super-voltage level of the power transmission grid.



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