LILAMA 18 JSC organized successfully the annual shareholders' meeting 2019

25/04/2019 09:08

On 20/04/2019, Lilama 18 JSC (stock code LM8) organized successfully the annual shareholders's meeting 2019 with attendance of 112 shareholders and shareholders' representatives who owned and represented to own 6,829,777 shares having right of voting, making up 72,84% of the total company shares having right of voting.

In the meeting, the general assembly of shareholders considered, gave ideas and voted all matters concerning 2018 production results and 2019 plan. All the above contents were passed through by general assembly of shareholders with high ballot.

Regarding the 2018 production results, the general assembly of shareholders approved reports of Management Board, Supervision Board. Generally, 2018 was a successful year of LM8, with turnover of 1,947.680 billion dongs, profit before tax of 36.1 billion dongs which surpassed further from the passed plan in 2018 meeting. With this positive results, general assembly of shareholders also approved dividend payment of 10% in cash for year 2018.

LILAMA General Director Le Van Tuan made a guidance speech

As General Director of LILAMA Corporation, Mr Le Van Tuan had open-minded exchanges in the meeting. He indicated an overview picture of severe competitive conditions and impending hardships in traditional energy industry all over the world. In that context, Mr Le Van Tuan praised the production results of Lilama 18 in 2018, however, he noted Lilama 18 that to overcome this difficult time, the company should enhance management ability of enterprise, re-organize enterprise comprehensively, intensify control and risk administration, etc. On behalf of Company, Mr Le Quoc An – LM8 Chairman of Management Board received all guidance ideas of LILAMA General Director.

General Assembly of Shareholders agreed to pass the 2019 production plan with total turnover of 1,232.750 billion dongs; profit before tax of 32 billion dongs; anticipated dividend payment of 10- 13% of stock nominal value. Those were not easy targets to achieve in the context that the whole machinery installation branch still faced many challenges.

With firm steps which had been considered carefully and suitably to each stage, Lilama 18 JSC expected to complete well the plan passed by general assembly of shareholders, continued to raise the effect of capital money, consolidate and strengthen prestige, power and brandname of Lilama 18, satisfying shareholders' expectation.

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