LILAMA performs the manufacturing of 02 electrolytic modules for the West Coast Green Hydrogen Production Plant Project

27/09/2022 08:47

LILAMA Corporation has signed a contract with Thyssenkrupp Nucera AG&Co KGaA on manufacturing 02 modules of electrolytic equipment for the West Coast Green Hydro Production Plant Project (USA) for the last time.

Under the contract signed, Lilama would perform fabrication and combination for two modules of electrolytic equipment in 10 months between the years 2022 - 2023. The scope of work included supplying steel and electric material; steel structures fabrication, pipes erection and painting; mechanical components combination; electrical and control devices installation, insulation works; system clearing and commissioning; equipment combination in skid forms for FOB shipping in Hai Phong seaport to the client in USA.

 Modules were fabricated and combined in skid forms in LILAMA Hai Duong Mechanical Manufacturing Factory for delivering.

In addition, all the manufacturing works must meet highly technical accuracy and strict requirements on system clearing, protection, and packing before delivery.

It could be said that winning this contract on equipment supplying for a USA green energy project shall not only introduce the brand name LILAMA to the world but also make a significant contribution to keeping the import-export balance of the Vietnamese economy.

Through this work, LILAMA also accumulated valued experience and gradually extended the business to implement projects on green energy, which shall be the main fuel in the future. Remarkably, the contract was a result of many years of cooperation and carrying out research work between LILAMA and Thyssenkrupp Nucera AG & Co. KGaA - a world leading company in this field.

Under the impact of global climate change and scarcity of fossil fuels, the inclination of energy transition had started many years before. The demand on traditional sources like oil and coal would gradually decrease and replace with other more friendly-environmental forms such as liquid natural gas (LNG), biomass, and hydrogen gas from carbon-neutral sources. Particularly, hydrogen production applying the electrolytic method and synthesizing ammonia using eco-friendly renewable energy as a major input becomes a prior choice in the development process toward a comprehensively green-energy utilized industry of the world nowadays. 

As a Vietnam enterprise taken deep and wide integration into the world economy in the mechanical manufacturing and installation, LILAMA has developed the capability in performing green energy projects, especially ones cooperated with international clients on manufacturing oversized modules for hydrogen production plants oversea, shall make a necessary transformation itself suitably to the energy transition tendency happened worldwide.



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