LILAMA summarized emulation of year 2018 and promoted 2019 emulating movement in Song Hau 1 thermal power project

13/03/2019 09:40

On March 12th, in Song Hau 1 thermal power project, the Emulation Movement Steering Committee in Song Hau 1 construction site, Petroleum Electricity Project Management Board in Song Hau 1 in coordination with Main Contractor Lilama organized to summarize emulation of year 2018 and launched the 2019 emulating movement. This was an important event contributing to bring about ebullient atmosphere, promote internal force, creativeness, solidarity and responsible spirit of the labour force in Song Hau 1 construction site. People attending the ceremony were representative of Owner, Main Contractor together with other contractors in the project.

After 4 years since the EPC package commencement, many important items of the project have been successfully installed and at the moment, there is a hurry in the construction site with thousands of engineers and labourers who are emulating to build the project. Especially, in 2018, Song Hau 1 thermal power project realized its defined plan very well. Owner, Main Contractor and sub-contractors deployed their work simultaneously, effectively, and authorities from province to district also supported them to speed up project schedule.

Regarding Main Plant: Construction section has been basically completed and finished, pressure sections of boiler 1 and 2 have been accomplished and are ready for pressure test. Turbines of generators of machine unit 1 and 2 are being deployed in accordance with defined plan. Auxiliary items: are being deployed at the same time. The port area is under construction as per defined plan, the coal port has been completed and handed over for installation in November 2018.

As for items of main plant (boilers, turbines, electric system and central controlling system) have basically satisfied schedule level 3. Other items have been also deployed simultaneously. The late items have been improved, too.

The collective of Lilama cadres, workers in Song Hau 1 thermal power project board used to overcome difficulties, emulated to strive for accomplishing their duties. Beside the achieved results, the project is now facing many objective hardships which influence the general schedule very much such as the work of material procurement, checking before acceptance and payment work for items belonging to price adjustment scope, and so on. However, the project board collective has always maintained their labour discipline well, formed a good solidary spirit within the board and member units so that they can assess current situation and give best solutions for overcoming hardships, completing all assigned items.

Being cared for and guided closely by Corporate leaders and with agreement, determination of labourers in the construction site, the emulation movement created motivation, solidary spirit in working and the life of all employees in the project board, created and conserved steady job environment.

Labourers held fast to traditions of machinery installation branch, expanded upon good images of machinery installation workers in the eyes of partners, local authorities and in the area where the project was being performed.

Summarizing the 2018 emulation movement in the project, many collectives and individuals having excellent achievements have been given Certificates of Merit by Owner PVN and Main Contractor Lilama with prize money of hundreds of million dongs.

In 2019, units in the construction site have signed a mutual emulation agreement to commit themselves to determine performing all bidding packages ahead of schedule, assuring quality in accordance with requirement of contracts, striving for putting project into operation before required time.

People emulate to work, assure safety, environmental hygiene, realize saving and avoiding waste. Each labourer in the construction site tries in his job, promotes technical initiatives, enhances the labour productivity, observes stipulations and project quality control.

Contractors coordinate with trade unions to take care of material and spiritual life, assure regular jobs and stable incomes, improve living standards for all employess participating to perform the project.

They will take full advantage of resources, coordinate closely with eachother to develop internal force and complete assigned duties. They will also intensify activities in checking, supervising, commending and rewarding, encouraging timely collectives and individuals with excellent achievements, building up typical samples for the emulation movement.

Huu Giang, Thao Chi


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