Our delegation arrived at the construction site at the beginning of afternoon shift and this time, Lilama labourers were working hurriedly to accomplish their jobs in preparation for test burning in boiler on 25/1/2019 as anticipated. Feeling the hurry of Lilama workers, I suddenly remember the song ....“In the construction site, there are animated singings” of songwriter Ngo Quoc Tinh “A couple of pigeons is flying to their direction. You and me go to the construction site… Er, er ! We build factories. We build projects. In the sky there are chimneys rising. Spring comes everywhere. Dispel poverty. Dispel misery. Our mother and father still have a wish, for thousands of lives we still have a wish… Let's go… Build our homeland brilliantly … beautifully in many songs”. It seemed the working atmosphere here was nice like in that song.

     Each of us was given clothes, helmet and labour shoes to assure safety and regulations before entering the construction site. Project Director Nguyen Hong Sy guided us to visit the plant, Sy is a Northern man, open-hearted, friendly, he was walking, introducing the project to us. I could feel the happiness in his stories. From the waterless, sunny and windy land, many seeds sprouted and flowers bloomed.

     Vinh Tan 4 thermal power plant and Extension Vinh Tan 4 plant have the Owner Electricity of Vietnam, they are two of main important projects of the Government belonging to Total Electricity Plan VII. The Main Contractor is Consortium Doosan- Mitsubishi - PECC2- Pacific. Lilama Corporation is Contractor who installs the entire M&E equipment for 2 plants.

     Vinh Tân 4 thermal power project was commenced on 9/3/2014 including two machine units with total installed capacity of 1,200MW, it was constructed in Vinh Tan commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province. Since commencement to accomplishment, the project has marked impressive milestones because all items were finished ahead of defined targets.

At the moment, almost all items of Extension Vinh Tan 4 project were tested and finished,
ready for first burning on 25/1/2019 - 01 month sooner than defined schedule 

    Since first days of the project, Lilama coordinated closely with EPC Main Contractor (Doosan) to deploy the plant drastically, give sensible solutions to speed up project schedule while still assuring the safety and quality. Total quantity of installed mechanical equipment achieved 66,300 tons; Lilama also installed the entire main systems of electricity, measurement as well as 1,550,000m of electric cable. At pinnacle time, Lilama mobilized 3,300 engineers and other workers to perform the project. In parallel with installing work, all items were checked and taken over seriously, especially the system of environmental supervision and protection before putting the plant into operation.

      On 19/4/2018, State Acceptance Council for Construction Projects organized to inspect conditions for PAC of both machine units and the acceptance work of Vinh Tan 4 thermal power plant was finished 2 months a head of schedule undertaken in the EPC Contract with Owner. This event marked the success and also recorded the efforts of Main Contractor as well as Lilama workers in a national main important project construction site. 

     Entering the 2nd phase, Lilama was still trusted and assigned to install the whole Extension Vinh Tan 4 thermal power plant by Owner and Main Contractor. The project has one machine unit with capacity of 600 MW. Up to now, total schedule has reached 96.5% with total mechanical installation quantity of 23,500 tons, 780,000m of electric and controlling cable, acceptance worked has achieved 85.5%. The items of medium voltage 10KV, low voltage 0.4 KV, main transformer 600MW, power pipeline 26KV, pole cutting machine were finished and receiving contrary electricity from national grid was on 17/7/2018 sooner than anticipated schedule, those are important milestones to supply power for test running work.

       Regarding high voltage boiler, the work of testing high pressure was completed on 13/08/2018, 01 month ahead of defined schedule. Cleaning pipelines and boiler with chemicals was accomplished on 26/12/2018. At the moment, almost all items were tested and finished, ready for first burning on 25/1/2019, 01 month sooner than defined schedule.

Spring comes again, Lilama workers in windy and sandy Binh Thuan land will have a joyful Tet holiday when in this exhausted and severe region, people are going to have new electric currents to serve their lives

     Keeping up with schedule, even sooner than it, is the project safety assured? Listen to an interesting story of Engineer Nguyen Cong Duc who came with us and he had more than 5 years staying with this project.

    Because Main Contractor was foreigner, the construction site was checked frequently by independent famous companies. The firm employed by Main Contractor to inspect Extension Vinh Tan 4 construction site gave 87/100 marks, the highest ones in all sites of Doosan through out the world. This result surprised many people, even some other companies thought that the inspection unit had given one-sided marks. Checking again, Vice Director of the firm himself inspected our construction site, the result remained the same. “Among 50 workers, there will be 1 person who assures labour safety according the world standards. We obey all safety stipulations seriously and we dismiss all employees who violate rules 2 times”, said Engineer Nguyen Cong Duc.

     Standing on a boiler, looking to the seashore, Project Director Nguyen Hong Sy remembered many things with happiness. After 4 years staying in severe land Tuy Phong - Binh Thuan to perform the project, Lilama had contributed considerably to accomplish and hand over Vinh Tan 4 thermal power plant with total power generating capacity of upto 1200 MW as well as to finish basically the work of construction and installation for Extension Vinh Tan 4 plant having capacity of 600MW with very good result beyond the expectation of Main Contractor and Owner.

     Spring comes again, the Lilama workers in the windy and sandy Binh Thuan land will have a joyful Tet holiday when in this exhausted and severe region, people are going to have new electric currents to serve their lives.

   The achievement of 2 projects: Vinh Tan 4 and Extension Vinh Tan 4 is an acknowledgement of new steps of machinery installation workers and is also condition for Lilama to be proud of their long-term experience in performing energy projects particularly, heavy industrial projects generally in Vietnam as well as the world.     

Thien Truong