Meeting with 12 typical individuals of Lilama who will attend the National Conference of Commending Good Labourers for Construction Branch in 2019

15/05/2019 12:01

This morning (15/5), at LILAMA headquarter, Corporate leaders have organized to meet with 12 typical individuals who will attend the National Conference of Commending good, creative laboures of Construction Branch in 2019. People participating in the meeting were Mr Nguyen Manh Dung - Vice General Director, Mr Dao Van Thong - Corporate Trade Union Chairman.

They are people who always thirst for studying, finding out technical innovation, initiatives in working to enhance labour productivity, save materials and fuel, improve working conditions and better the material and spiritual life of themselves, their colleagues, contributing to the firm development of their companies. The praised individuals are typical examples of the Branch, showing optimism and always overcoming all difficulties of themselves, their units, enterprises to complete their duties excellently.

The National Conferences of commending good, creative labourers for Construction Branch are held every 2 years. Individuals to be praised, commended and rewarded in 2019 are people who directly work in various fields, having qualifications, professional skills and long working time. Although their working conditions are different, they have a general thing: they all work very hard, dynamically, creatively and they are fond of working.


12 typical individuals of Lilama this year are: 1. Tran Manh Hung - Chief of Project Team No.9, Lilama 18 JSC; 2. Han Van Anh - Vice Chief of Project Team No.5, Lilama 18 JSC; 3. Lai Hai Trieu - Construction Manager in Vinh Tan 4 thermal power project, LILAMA Corp. 4. Nguyen Van Nam - Chief of Production Team, Lilama 69-1 JSC; 5. Dang Van Suc - Team Leader of Machinery Installation Team No.3, Lilama 69-1 JSC; 6. Nguyen Van Luong - Production Team Leader in Mechanical Machinery Installation project No.1, Lilama Mechanical Machinery Installation Company; 7. Tran Huu Cao - worker of Lilama 10 JSC; 8. Vu Xuan Dung - Business Manager of Lilama 69-2 JSC; 9. Pham Duc Khuynh - Design Manager of Hai Duong Equipment Manufacturing Factory, Lilama 10 JSC; 10. Nguyen Ba Vi - Vice Chief of Hai Phong cement project, Lilama 69-3 JSC; 11. Pham Manh Cuong - Team Leader of Welding Team, Lilama 69-3 JSC; 12. Mai Đinh Van - worker from Lilama 5 JSC.

After this morning event, in the afternoons of May 15th and 16th, these Lilama delegates will attend the National Conference of commending good, creative laboures for Construction Branch in 2019 organized by Vietnam Construction Trade Union in coordination with Ministry of Construction in Meeting-hall of Ho Chi Minh Museum, 19 Ngoc Ha, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi.


 News: Thao Chi, photo: Duc Bao






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