Best electric and mechanical performance prize awarded to Lilama 18 by Vinh Tan 4 TPPP Doosan EPC Contractor

10/12/2019 15:59

On November 11th 2019, Lilama 18 JSC was honoured to receive the prize of “Best Performance Award” given by Doosan EPC Contractor Doosan head office in Hanoi as the best electric and mechanical contractor in Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant Project (600MW x 03 Units) from July 2015 till September 2019. The award was a recognition of Lilama 18’s records to contributing to the whole success of Vinh Tan 4 project.

 Lilama 18 was honoured to be the best contractor of E&M performance basing on their contribution into the whole success of Vinh Tan 4 TPP project

Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant which was built in Vinh Tan Power Center, Vinh Tan commune, Binh Thuan province, was an urgent project in the National Power Development Planning from 2011 to 2020 and toward 2030 (of the Overall Power Planning Chart No. 7) approved by the Government.

The project was inaugurated in March 2014 and wholly completed in September 21st 2019 in which all important milestones were fulfilled earlier than the proposed schedule as follow: Unit 2 of the plant and common accessory items were handed over for commercial operation on December 21st 2017, 20 days earlier than the schedule and granted PAC; Unit 1 and the complete plant on March 31st 2018; especially Unit 3 of the plant 03 months earlier than the schedule. Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant project had a significant meaning for ensuring the power supply distribution nationwide, particularly for the Southern region. Along with Lai Chau Hydro-power Plant project, Vinh Tan 4 project was chosen for embedding the work of greeting the 60th anniversary of construction industry by Ministry of Construction as the results of their successful completion in terms of schedule, quality and effectiveness.

 Lilama 18 Representatives received the prize for best performance by Mr. Chahn Gyu Kim -  Doosan Heavy Industries Vinh Tan 4 Project Manager

Through the process of plant building, installation and commissioning till final completion for operation, all 03 Units of the plant were maximally generated their design capacity to contribute and satisfy the national power need. So far the plant has generated into the national power network with a production yield of 10.8 kWh meanwhile ensured the compliance with the State environment regulation.

With these achievements, both Lilama 18 leaders and staffs had been hard working and made great efforts to design and apply logical construction methods for saving time, labour and cost into the performance and completed all work items 03 months earlier than the proposed schedule. The prize has certified the excellent execution and management capabilities of the collective of Lilama 18 leaders and staffs.


 Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant Project (600MW x 03 Units)

In fact, besides Vinh Tan 4 project, Lilama 18 has been cooperating with Doosan in many other projects such as Mong Duong Thermal Power Plant (in 2013), Song Hau 1 Thermal power Plant (from 2016), Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Plant (in 2018), from which Lilama 18 has drew many useful lessons in construction experience, enhanced their capacity as well as gained trust from the Owner and the EPC Contractor. That verytime Lilama 18 brand name is mentioned, it means the belief of the safety, good quality and on time schedule in the field of mechanical and electric performances of industrial projects.

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