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On December 05th 2023, LILAMA Corporation held a ceremony for completion of the first electrolyzer modules shipment for the NEOM Green Hydro production plant project (in Saudi Arabia) in LILAMA Manufacturing and Combination Factory of Green Hydro Modules in Thuy Nguyen commune, Hai Phong city. Thí successful completion has asserted the strong position of LILAMA in the global supply chain of green energy and made a significant contribution into the combat on climate resilience worldwide.

This is a successful step in LILAMA’s strategy on business change inclining to the global transition toward the green, stable and non-carbon energy sources. In the first days of December 2023, LILAMA construction forces had accomplished all necessary works on fabrication, combination, commissioning for the first 04 electrolyzer modules (of the total 110 ones under the signed contract), and packing in skid for shipment that is ready to export to the NEOM Green Hydro Production Plant Project in  Saudi Arabia.

NEOM project is one of the largest plant in Saudi Arabia with a total investment up to 8 billion USD and using 100% renewable energy sources from wind and solar power in producing up to 600 tons of green hydro per day in order to replace fossil fuels and reduce carbon dioxide in the world. Each 55mx5mx8m (LxWxH) electrolyzer module weighing 200 tons of equipment and material combination shall consume about 20MW the renewable energy and create an average of 6 tons green hydro each day when putting into operation, which is used for fuel load of transportation means and heavy industry factories, helping to cut down 5 million tons carbon dioxide per year.

This is the second successful project of the cooperation between LILAMA and the world leading business on green energy technology – Thyssenkrupp Nucera, Germany. Previously, the two partners had also cooperated successfully in engineering and manufacturing 02 20MW electrolyzer modules for a green hydro production plant in Arizona, USA. It is expected that LILAMA and Thyssenkrupp Nucera shall complete all the manufacture and combination work for NEOM by the 3rd quarter of 2025, and develop next green hydro projects for such markets as Europe, North America and the Middle East.

LILAMA is one of the first Vietnamese enterprise joining the world supply chain for green hydro production line, making a contribution into realizing commitments on Net Zero emission stated in the Climate Change Conferences COP26 and COP27 before, and COP28 holding presently in the UAE.



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