LILAMA continues to strengthen position through Long Son project

02/01/2020 08:04

The Long Son Prochemical Refinery Plant project located in Ward 1, Long Son commune, Vung Tau city, Ba Ria-Vung Tau district) had been officially inaugurated and developed with the total investment of 5.4 billions US dollars owned by SCG Group – Thailand. This was one of the national important projects which was involved with 05 main EPC Contractors and EPC joint ventures including: Technip Malaysia & SK E&C (TPSK), Posco E&C and PVC-MS, Samsung Engineering, TTLC Public Company limited, and Hyundai Engineering (HEC). Vietnam Machinery Corporation (LILAMA) was continuously trusted to be awarded with large and major installation packages of the Long Son project.

LILAMA had signed contracts on 03 packages on installation work for Long Son project with two EPC Contractors including TPSK and HEC separately. Regarding the contract with TPSK, LILAMA was assigned to implement SMP package (steel structures, material pipeline manufacturing and installation, pipe insulation and scaffolding building) with the total value of 770 billion VND and the schedule from April 2020 to April 2022. At the same time, with the contract with HEC, LILAMA was awarded as a contractor of two packages on SMP 1 and ELE work (electric materials and equipments installation) of which the total value was 230 billion VND and the schedule should be from December 2019 to September 2021. Presently, LILAMA was offering bidding price for the package on materials installation for Olefin processing plant within TPSK’s scope of work.

 Mechanical manufacturing and installation of the SMP package in Long Son project site by LILAMA workers

Under these contract packages, LILAMA subsidiary units had been so far developing such works as building temporary houses for staff and workers, applying authoritative procedures for labour inducement into the project site. At the same time, all documents preparation on performance options, safety and quality controlling procedures, workshops engineering and building for pipe and material manufacturing, site office... for submitting to the EPC Contractors had been proceeding. Underground pipelines had been being manufactured since December 10th 2019 which, along with earthing system for HEC’s ELE package, would be installed by December 17, 2019. The work on pipe manufacturing for TPSK package was planned to implement in April 2020 with the present number of labour mobilized was 60 people in which 20 were indirect ones and the remaining 40 direct on site. Particularly, human resource should be mobilized following to the execution schedule. The busiest period of project execution would be estimated to last in 12 months with the number of labour up to 220 indirect and 2.200 direct ones in order to meet the required schedule and volume of work  in the signed contracts.

 Earthing system installation of ELE package on Long Son project site by LILAMA.

According to LILAMA leader’s comment, there were many requirements and regulations by the authorities were strict and time-taken in finalizing administrative procedures to induce labourers as well as means and equipments into the project site due to the legal sea and land boundary location of Long Son project. Besides, this was the project with involvement of many EPC contractors and coordination among them might be faced difficulties to run well. For example, LILAMA was the contractor for both TPSK and HEC EPC contractors, therefore the management board would be established and divided into two separate representative offices in dealing with each EPC package’s activities. However, with a history of experiences and professional capacity of successful construction and installation for large scale projects like Nghi Son Prochemical Refinery Plant of which much more work volume had been done than that, LILAMA committed to execute and complete these project package project to meet requirements on quality, safety and on time schedule. As the result of well prepared activities and satisfy the EPC partners’ requirements timely, so far LILAMA had been highly appreciated by both TPSK and HEC contractors. In accordance with supports from LILAMA Corporation leaders and function departments, all staff of LILAMA Long Son project management board would do their best to complete the project successfully as their highest determination to contribute the whole success of the project in particular and the whole country social economic development in general.

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