LILAMA enters the project chain on green renewable energy toward sustainable development

22/02/2024 07:41

Being decisiveness to renovate and accept challenges in changing the company’s business strategy oriented to green energy development toward the global transition has been the choice of LILAMA since 2018 to now.

In accordance with the tendency of renewable energy transition worldwide that emerged since COP21 held in 2015, especially the commitment by Vietnam in COP26 in 2021 showing a strong wish for changing into green energy, we could see clearly that the power projects using traditional fossil fuels with large carbon emissions into the environment presently would not be incentive and invested in the world as well as in Vietnam anymore.

Dealing with this situation, Lilama has constantly been looking for cooperation and support from partners who are multi-national companies around the world for exporting and performing construction and machinery services for the last time.

Particularly in 2018, Lilama had successfully signed and carried out the contract constructing the A/U Fertilizer Factory Project in Brunei with a total investment of over 110 million USD. This was the first project done overseas by Lilama, in which all resources mobilized from Vietnam to Brunei including over 1,700 labourers, a large number of facilities of equipment and vehicles for execution.

After numerous discussions from 2019, Lilama successfully found the same speak with Thyssenkrupp Nucera, a sub-company of Thyssenkrupp AG, as a frontier in electrolysis and green hydrogen development in the world. The fruitful result was that Lilama was trusted to sign and carry out contracts on manufacturing electrolytic modules including 02 ones for the West Coast Hydrogen Production Plant Project in Arizona, USA in 2022 and 110 ones for NEOM Project in Saudi Arabia in 2023. In addition, Lilama has a great chance to take part in the next hydrogen projects in such markets as Europe, Northern America, and the Middle-Easts.

Signing Contract on manufacturing 21 green hydrogen modules in beginning the Spring 2024 round of pleasures as the trust from a partner

Despite of initiate achievements from business orientation changing into providing services of exporting equipment manufacturing and installation, and joining the supply chain of green electrolysis modules, Lilama and other mechanical companies still meet so much difficulties and challenges in seeking output markets for mechanical products, improving qualification of technology R&D, and budgeting for raw materials and resources in R&D.

In the Lunar New Year of 2024, with a desire and dedication to develop the domestic mechanical field to become a key industry and breadwinner of Vietnam economy, all enterprises including Lilama, under the companion and support of the Government, express a hope of raising the level of this industry, reaching new highs, and gradually narrow the gaps among Vietnam and advanced countries in the world.



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