Nghi Son 2 BOT TPPP: Successful Initital Firing for the Unit#2

06/12/2021 10:29

At 9h30 on November 30th, 2021, the EPC Contractor (Doosan) and other joint-venture contractors successfully celebrated the initial firing for the Unit#2 of the Nghi Son BOT  TPPP in site (in Hai Ha commune, Tinh Gia dist., Thanh Hoa Province).

Under the drastic and right direction of LILAMA Nghi Son 2 PMB leaders, all items of the Unit 2 had completed and been ready for the milestone of coal firing by the end of October, 2021. However, the initial firing launching for the Unit 2 has just been carried out by this time due to some objective reasons from the Doosan EPC Contractor and the Owner.

At the present, Lilama has finished 100% of its total volume under the contract and made final settlement for materials and work quantity. The project also obtained a milestone of 17-million safe working hours without any accident in site. Also at this time, the Unit 1 are in the reliable running, preparing to hand over to the Owner for commercial operation in December, 2021.

According to Mr. Nguyen Hong Sy – Lilama Project Manager, as the Covid 19 spreading has been unexpectable in provinces and cities, the Lilama Nghi Son 2 PMB always took the execution process along with securing safe measures for labourers’ health for the first priority. He said: “The epidemic still hasnot touched the project site yet, so all performing units had to accelerate the construction process, shorten the schedule and fulfill completion in the soonest time, while not be neglected and underestimated on carrying out measures of preventing and fighting against the disease disemination; additionally, the project staffs and workers must be fully aware of not leaving their working place, taking medical declaration and conforming to the local’s regulations on Covid 19 prevention in case their residents located in the area that got spread by the epidemic”.

The Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Plant Project is owned by the Joint-Venture of Marubeni and Kepco, Doosan Heavy Industries is the EPC Contractor. The plant has the total capacity of 1,200 MW composing of 02 units (2x600MW), applying the super-critical technology. In this project, Lilama performs 90% the total volume of mechanical and electric works.

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