Human Resource Training and Development

10/06/2019 16:18

LILAMA always considers human resource a core factor and precious property. With the motto: “step by step to future”, LILAMA has built up a workforce having qualifications, being dynamic, creative, satisfying all requirements and assigned duties.

LILAMA’s human resource policy has been set up with the target of making it a strong point, competitive advantage in the market. This shows synchronously from policy of recruitment, training – development, salary – reward – welfare, treatment regime, working conditions and enterprise culture so as to hold  excellent people, attract talented ones, enable labourers to work hard and have a strong attachment to LILAMA.

LILAMA always creates a professional modern working environment and develops the right of working, devotion, development and being respected of  labourers to a high degree. We also combine harmoniously the benefits between enterprise and labourers.

LILAMA pays special attention to the work of developing high quality human resource; cultivating and enhancing the quality of technique–operation managing staff, skilled workers through deploying effectively policies of training, improving knowledge, professional competence for employees. In addition, we zealously innovate and break through plan effectuation for deploying human resource training and development strategy together with building up detailed specialized training programme in construction & installation, manufacture, operation, test running and so on. Upon that base, we associate with well-known corporations who are our regular customers, amicable partners such as GE, Siemens, FLSmitdth, Thyssenkrupp, Doosan… in training, cultivating and improving skills, enterprise managing ability for our human resource.



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