Lilama 18 exports many large mechanical equipment ordered by international companies

14/05/2021 16:22

By the end of March, 2021, LILAMA 18’s Steel Structure and Mechanical Equipment Fabrication Factory has exported the Ship Loader at Long An International Port (Long An province) under the signed contract on mechanical equipment manufacturing with SIWERTELL AB – a leading company in wood processing solutions in Sweden.

Ship loader TI 7074 on board at PTSC Phu My Port

The Ship Loader exported is a bulk handling equipment with 21 metres long and 36 metres high in size and 478.6 tons in mass which is used in Pascagoula Port (Missisippi) in USA. This product was manufactured and completely installed in Vietnam that satisfied high norms and standards on technical accuracy in the world and the partner’s requirements. Moreover, all materials used for producing this Ship Loader was also ordered exclusively.

Before this, another “Ship Loader TI 7074” made by Lilama 18 Factory and ordered by Tenova Takraf GmbH was exported to the Neptune Port in North Vancouver, Canada. This equipment had the bulk handling capacity up to 8,000 tons per hour, the total mass 1,450 tons and the length of 140 metres. In the coming time, the shipment of exporting “the Ship Unloader AUTK-1244” with the 45m-long x 32m-wide x 61m high dimensions and 750 tons in mass shall be handed over Tenova Takraf Australia at PTSC Phu My Port for delivering the Newcastle Port, Australia.

In 2020, although the Vietnam mechanical industry and the contracts for exporting mechanical products facing many difficulties due to the influence of the Covid-19 disease, LILAMA 18 and its factory still developed the production and did their best to fulfill the large-valued orders on time, i.e to innovate and applied suitable methods in execution to save the cost, time and human source.

It came a good sign by the end of 2020 when Lilama 18 received the mechanical manufacturing export orders again, promoting the production by recruiting more labour and working overtime to ensure the delivery on schedule. As the result, the company’s growth is expected to gain in the next years, especially the total revenue was gained at VND 1,380 billion in 2020 thanking to the effort and decisiveness of the Board of Management and the Board of General Directors.

In the circumstance of the world economy’s the better changes and gradual recovery from the Covid 19 epidemic effects, Lilama 18’s manufacturing projects purposed from 2020 now have been resumed to operate such as producing the crane to export to India upon KOCK ARDELT’s order; and to Hungary. Besides, except the orders remaining in 2020 which shall be realized in 2021 and those signed in the first quarter of 2021, the company has been negotiating for some contracts, especially one on manufacturing the blast furnace shell for exporting to Ukraine ordered by Danieli Corus (Holland),…

Implementing the business plan for the year 2021 within the alternate condition of many advantages and disadvantages, Lilama 18 shall always strengthen the capability, keep the belief of the Clients and gain the trust form the potential European and American markets as for mentioning the brandname of ‘Lilama 18’ means the affirmation on beliefs in the quality of products, schedule as well as the safety in performing mechanical and electric works for the industrial projects.


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