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Within the circumstance of the 4th Covid-19 outbreak inside the country, the efforts on controlling effective cash flow and optimizing cost, maintaining uninterrupted material and equipment supply, staying human resource and securing the schedule progress have been the ways how Lilama 18 dealed with and adapted to overcome the challenging time to ongoing implement the Van Phong 1 Thermal Power Plant Project and achieving milestones on time.


Lilama 18 workers fabricates the last beams for conjuncting to main girder of the Boiler’s steel structures in Van Phong 1 project site

On August 27th, 2021, under the witness of the Owner VPCL, Poyry as Supervisor and Advisor, IHI EPC Contractor, JEL contractor, LILAMA 18, as a contractor of performing the installation work for the Van Phong 1 Boiler steel structures, has celebrated the execution of the main girder 15 days earlier the date as planned. This oversized structure which is 114 tons weight x 30m length x 5.3m height in dimensions was firmly constructed at the attitude of 77.6m with a supportive 630-ton crane. This successful completion has marked an important milestone to finalize the structure fabrication work and move to next step of pressure equipment erection.

During 4 months after launching the Boiler#1 steel structure installation, Lilama 18 activated and applied the discipline called “3 stay-in” to its labourers for three main activities on working, eating and sleeping at site only. In addition, the 5K message (including facemask, disinfection, distance, no gathering and health declaration for safe life stated by the Health Ministry) was strictly required to all staff during working process, while organization and allocation for people to work must be carried out upon the “3 stay-in” rule and the current regulation on Covid-19 prevention. At the same time, the company also operated production activities with appropriate options of flow line constructing methods; realised industrial hygiene after every working shift as well as cleaning surfaces of equipment where people touching on by using detergent or sterilization …

Regarding labourer’s income, a Lilama 18 leader said that, the company had no motivation relating to a redundancy or staff’s salary during the strong outbreak of Covid-19 disease. In addition, it also gave the best supports and safety for labourers’ livings as well as realising careful disinfection in places where they live and work altogether all day time in order to eleminate any occurable risk for their health.

The Van Phong 1 Thermal Power Plant Project (located in Phuoc Ninh commune, Ninh Hoa district, Khanh Hoa province) is invested by the VPCL with the total investment upto USD 2.58 billion. According to the project plan, both units with the total capacity of 1,320MW shall be completed and put into commercial operation by the year of 2023. The plant is expected to supply the National Power Grid an electricity production of about 9 billion kWh each year via the 500kV transmission line of Van Phong – Vinh Tan, making a significant contribution to offset the power demand in the Southern Region.

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